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Selected type: Hardcover. Added to Your Shopping Cart. View on Wiley Online Library. This is a dummy description. The use and management of multimodal transport systems, including car-pooling and goods transportation, have become extremely complex, due to their large size sometimes several thousand variables , the nature of their dynamic relationships as well as the many constraints to which they are subjected.

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The managers of these systems must ensure that the system works as efficiently as possible by managing the various causes of malfunction of the transport system vehicle breakdowns, road obstructions, accidents, etc. The detection and resolution of conflicts, which are particularly complex and must be dealt with in real time, are currently processed manually by operators. However, the experience and abilities of these operators are no longer sufficient when faced with the complexity of the problems to be solved. It is thus necessary to provide them with an interactive tool to help with the management of disturbances, enabling them to identify the different disturbances, to characterize and prioritize these disturbances, to process them by taking into account their specifics and to evaluate the impact of the decisions in real time.

Each chapter of this book can be broken down into an approach for solving a transport problem in 3 stages, i. The management of a transport system calls for knowledge of a variety of theories problem modeling tools, multi-objective problem classification, optimization algorithms, etc. The different constraints increase its complexity drastically and thus require a model that represents as far as possible all the components of a problem in order to better identify it and propose corresponding solutions.

These solutions are then evaluated according to the criteria of the transport providers as well as those of the city transport authorities.

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This book consists of a state of the art on innovative transport systems as well as the possibility of coordinating with the current public transport system and the authors clearly illustrate this coordination within the framework of an intelligent transport system. Contents 1. The multimodal transport network customers need to be oriented during their travels.

Heavy & oversized logistics - Multimodal transport of steel construction

A multimodal information system MIS can provide customers with a travel support tool, allowing them to express their demands and providing them with the appropriate responses in order to improve their travel conditions. This book develops methodologies in order to realize a MIS tool capable of ensuring the availability of permanent multimodal information for customers before and while traveling, considering passengers mobility.

Collection of requests for car-pooling and data modeling 11 1.

Reliable Multimodal Transport Systems

Matrix structure to collect information on requests 14 1. Matrix representation for modeling car-pooling offers 17 1. Testing and implementation scenario 55 1. Introduction 71 2.

Multimodal transport for increasingly better connected cities - GOAL SYSTEMS

Fields of application 83 2. Network operation in normal mode 87 2. Disturbed mode network function 90 2. The combination of these also results in high environmental sustainability, since Multimodal Transport reduces the environmental footprint of transportation.

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  4. Despite the support of environmentalists and cargo transportation experts, multimodality might induce certain costs through the use of modal interfaces, such as transshipments, handling, etc. However, you may hire a Freight Forwarding Company that provides an interface between the various types of transport, without getting the Importer or the Exporter involved in this exchange. He has been an employee of Multicargo since its establishment in Topics: Multicargo News.

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