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For this reason the lines appear dark against a continuous background. A star may have a vast tenuous envelope, which by itself would give a bright-line spectrum. When this spectrum is superposed on that of the star, some of these bright lines may fill in the dark lines of the stellar spectrum. This occurs in the stars called novas. At first, visual estimates of the strengths of spectral lines were used to estimate the amounts of the elements present in the Sun and a few stars, based on an analysis of the lines produced by a laboratory light source. When photographic emulsions came into use, the spectroscope became the spectrograph, in which a photographic film or plate replaces the human eye.

The Belgian repository of fundamental atomic data and stellar spectra (BRASS)

During the first half of the 20th century spectrographs were used on telescopes to observe thousands of stars, the intensities of the lines being measured from the blackness of the film or plate. Most recently photoelectric detectors are used to scan the spectrum in a spectrophotometer. Stellar spectra can also be measured by other techniques.

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Jean-Patrick Connerade. Alan Corney. John R. Brian R.

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Quantitative Analysis

Rita Kakkar. Peter Larkins.

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Vladimir S. Zygmunt Marczenko.

Sultana N. Richard Payling. Background correction was achieved by inserting the deuterium lamp directly after the hollow cathode lamp. So in the case, less really is more!


With a 10" touchscreen computer on-board guiding you through your analysis, using an AA Spectrophotometer has never been easier! The All new Graphical User Interface utilizes five tabbed screens for; Analysis, controls, library, calibration, and samples. The 4 front facing USB ports make connecting a mouse and extracting data onto usb flash discs easy! Our Hideaway keyboard makes naming your samples easy and conveniently tucks in when not in use.

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225ATS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Typical Atomic Absorption Optical Diagram By using a high light-loss optical component the beam splitter to divide the signal beam from the hollow cathode lamp, served to correct for these low performance components; thus halving the available energy to make a sample measurement, compensation between the reference and sample beams was maintained. Copper Calibration using the ATS. Background Correction: Deuterium - In-Line see-through configuration, pulsed illumination, hot cathode, variable frequency, corrects from nm 0. Calibration: Automatic, weighted least squares fit to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th order functions, up to 8 points.

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