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The main advantage of this concept is, the motion control is easily optimized with the help of drive. In very simple words, the systems which control the motion of the electrical machines, are known as electrical drives. A typical drive system is assembled with a electric motor may be several and a sophisticated control system that controls the rotation of the motor shaft. Now days, this control can be done easily with the help of software. So, the controlling becomes more and more accurate and this concept of drive also provides the ease of use.

This drive system is widely used in large number of industrial and domestic applications like factories, transportation systems, textile mills, fans, pumps, motors, robots etc. A plant model should produce the same output response as the plant for the same inputs. Controller design: The controller is designed to meet the performance requirements for the plant model. Implementation: The implementation can be done using a digital computer.

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Its efficiency depends on the type of computer available, the type of interface devices between the computer and the plant, software tools, etc. The control of these machines is very complicated. We need to represent them by mathematical models. Their models are defined by coupled and nonlinear equation systems. Some mathematical transformations can be used to simplify the form of these models as Park transformation, Clark transformation, etc.

The analytic approach of these equations is very complicated. To solve these systems of equations, the numerical methods are recommended. Following the obtained models many strategies of controls were developed such as vector control, direct torque control, direct power control, etc. New techniques of control were developed based on the powerful control theory and artificial intelligence tools. Many control techniques were studied and applied to electrical machine, which we can find variable structure control, model reference adaptive control, adaptive pole placement control, predictive control, backstepping control, etc.

The use of artificial intelligence techniques has been the subject of many recent researches. The most famous are the fuzzy logic control, the neuronal control, the neuro fuzzy control, etc. In the literature, we can find many researches on these topics. In [ 38 ], a model reference adaptive control-based estimated algorithm was proposed for online multi-parameter identification. Authors in [ 40 ] give an overview of model predictive control for induction motor drives. In [ 41 ], cascaded nonlinear predictive control was proposed for the control of induction motor.

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Backstepping controller was proposed in [ 42 ] for induction machine. An adaptive backstepping sliding mode controller was presented in [ 43 ].

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Downloaded: Introduction In the last century, electrical machines have been the subject of a huge development. Design The electrical machines are usually manufactured through mass-production techniques; their performances can be affected by manufacturing processes and different operational conditions e. Optimization Optimization is a very popular term in modern design of electrical machines and devices due to the competition in the world markets, increased cost of electrical energy, and pressures for its conservation.

Control of electrical machines The control of electrical machines has been the subject of great progress, due to the development and advancement in the field of power electronic devices, digital signal processing, the informatics tools, and advanced control techniques.

More Print chapter. How to cite and reference Link to this chapter Copy to clipboard. Winders, coilers are typically the examples of constant power loads.

Control of Electric Machine Drive Systems

CharacteristicsCharacteristics Linear RegulatorLinear Regulator Transistor is operated in linear active mode. Equivalent CircuitEquivalent Circuit When switch is open: no current flows in it When switch is closed: no voltage drops across it. Chopper Drives Chopper is an electronic switching circuit which converts the unregulated DC input to a controlled DC output with a desired voltage level by switching the supply ON and OFF.

Motoring ControlMotoring Control Wave - FormsWave - Forms Motoring ActionMotoring Action Regenerative BreakingRegenerative Breaking Wave FormsWave Forms Fs — Switching Frequency Operating RangeOperating Range Applications Electric CarsElectric Cars Electric BikesElectric Bikes Paper MillsPaper Mills LiftsLifts HoistsHoists Induction Motor Drives 2. Synchronous Motor Drives AC motor Drives are used in many industrial and domestic application, such as in conveyer, lift, mixer, escalator etc.

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Three Phase rotating magnetic fieldThree Phase rotating magnetic field The stator winding are supplied with balanced three-phase AC voltage, which produce induced voltage in the rotor windings. It is possible to arrange the distribution of stator winding so that there is an effect of multiple poles, producing several cycle of magnetomotive force mmf or field around the air gap.

Equivalent Circuit Of Induction MotorEquivalent Circuit Of Induction Motor Where : Rs is resistance per-phase of stator winding Rr is resistance per-phase of rotor winding Xs is leakage reactance per-phase of the winding stator Xs is leakage reactance per-phase of the winding rotor Xm is magnetizing reactance Rm is Core losses as a reactance Three region operation : 1.