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Feb 02, Michael Redmond rated it it was amazing. A must-read for anybody interested in UFOs, aka "ufology. Included is a pretty exhaustive review of cutting-edge aircraft, once secret, now open, ditto radar-altering aerospace technologies, holograms, etc. This hard-headed and solidly sourced book does not rule out the possibility that some UFO reports may actually represent contact with "EBEs" Extraterrestrial Biological Entities.

What's startling, after careful analysis employing the same critical apparatus that experts use when reconstructing the basis of ancient texts, a "core story" emerges that underlies the entire UFO phenomenon: "The ETs came here, maybe once, maybe a few times. Either through accident or design, the U. The only problem was that the physics that powered the craft were so advanced that for decades we humans have struggled to understand it or replicate it.

He cast his remarks in the hypothetical mode, but Mr. Pilkington suspects that the source may be telling us the real deal. Pilkington's book is enormously controversial in UFO circles, where all sorts of far-out revelations have become a matter of faith. It's like a religion for many people. Even hoaxsters who come clean are not believed. Pilkington has been accused of being a MI6 agent and a tool of sinister forces.

This is much easier to do than to address the evidence he offers and the questions he raises. Pilkington has produced a highly intelligent book on the UFO phenomenon that makes a good starting point for anyone interested in the subject. I shall only quibble with his evident tolerance for the dumb asses who need to believe anything to hand. Nevertheless, he is more critical than most and it is true that, if you have to believe something, the presence of aliens on this planet is no more daft than believing that Iron Age texts can tell us anything about how the modern world works. The main th Pilkington has produced a highly intelligent book on the UFO phenomenon that makes a good starting point for anyone interested in the subject.

The main thrust of the book lies in its investigation of the possibility or rather probability of periodic entries into the UFO mythos by security interests. Pilkington is persuasive that a small group of intelligence players have dabbled in the UFO world but he is not foolish enough to assume some master conspiracy.

On the contrary, Pilkington is very sophisticated in understanding that small tactical interventions for specific purposes inter-agency rivalries over funding, cover for advanced but very human technologies or behavioural experimentation can take on a life of their own. The rest of us may simply be indifferent or possibilian about anything not evidenced by facts or scientific method — we may concede that aliens may be among us but that it really does not matter so much that we have to enter into the realm of paranoia based on an unlikelihood. There is little evidence for aliens on earth.

Pilkington, definitely not a crude debunker, opens our eyes to a whole range of manipulative security possibilities that would be perhaps cruel but are also tactical and rational ways of solving short term problems for the State. As we will see, this personal stance leads us into an unhelpful tricksy doubt. The UFO phenomenon desperately needs analysis, not po-faced radical criticism of the military but a proper consideration not only of the general need to believe in unlikely things but of the sociology of memetic manipulation.

Being in this manipulative world myself though as defence and never offence , I am aware of how a surprisingly few activist agents can wreak amazing reputational damage on an individual or an enemy through a few carefully placed false or conspiratorial memes. My own theory on the intelligence engagement in UFOs is that it has all simply got out of hand because the perpetrators themselves have imperfectly understood a revolution in communications. They will not have anticipated the self-replicating and uncontrollable nature of the meme.

Closed experiments in manipulation and operations designed to muddy the waters in closed communities explode periodically into popular culture. The security community did not understand how the UFO belief system could escalate to become what amounts to a world religion. Conspiracy theorists believe that the authorities are deliberately creating confusion and paranoia for their own purposes.

They are simply not that clever. If you want to see short-term destructive memetic war in operation, look at the primitive garbage coming out of Western psy-ops about Syria. Short-termism only means that authority is more likely to be undermined by irrational distrust and paranoia. Vast floating belief systems are now out of control — from ufologists and trans-humanists at one end to rights activists, Islamists and tea party primitives at the other.

There is some good hard data in here and some interesting personal testimony. He also reveals his own UFO experience in a way that creates doubt as to his intentions even though one of his informants has a plausible technological explanation. This attempt to be a trickster is fun but it diminishes the book and him — if we say we cannot believe him, even in jest, then perhaps it is true that he is running rings round us on everything. Maybe Rick and Bill do not exist. Maybe the advanced aircraft in the picture selection are faked. This may be good chaos magic but it is lousy real world management.

Slightly more worrying, if a few lower level trickster state agents are screwing up the minds of the weak-minded, then that is not fun, it is cruel and malign — and, in the case of Paul Bennewitz, downright evil. Manipulation of others is not fun. It is bullying. I see no ethical condemnation in the book. It is all too much fun. Cruelty is only fun to the immature. Thick and weak people and a lot of people are not very bright or are bright but vulnerable either require silence for reasons of State or the truth — they do not deserve having their minds shattered or to be sent into a fantasy world that wrecks lives and families.

What we need now is a proper exposure of anyone engaged in these cruelties and for their superior officers to regain control of the agenda if only for one extremely good reason — the manipulation of the masses is counter-productive to the State and order. Loki is undermining Asgard. In the week when a disturbed neuro-science student why the media silence on his studies at the time of writing? This is no argument against freedom or for censorship, but an argument for the exposure of manipulation, for critical judgment, for an enlightenment attitude to a hierarchy of evidenced facts and for a profound skepticism but one that keeps in mind any possibility as, well, possible.

As for aliens, they could be here from the past or from the future and their presence could be covered up by the State but these propositions are all unlikely. And, amazingly, irrelevant. What is more relevant is the lack of a mental attitude amongst the population that, having held to the possibility of aliens, is mentally prepared for that possibility and is not frightened by that possibility to the extent of becoming paranoid or supine before authority. If conspiracy theorists persist in believing in an alien invasion that will impose the New World Order on us, they are missing the point.

An NWO of sorts is happening anyway because they and others like them live in permanent states of irrational autistic fantasy without any ability to organise practical resistance to their own enslavement. Tyranny does not need aliens or Al-Qaeda — it only needs a cynical elite and a stupid and distracted population. At this point in history, we have both. Aug 27, Peter Wolfley rated it liked it.


This is a completely new take on UFOs that I had never considered. To help shield secret military testing, the government is actually working in cahoots with conspiracy theorists and those that believe in extraterrestrials. It feels like meta- paranoia that we are now concocting conspiracy theories to explain conspiracy theories but if there's one thing I know about America it's that we can never get enough of a good thing.

Dec 03, Aaron rated it liked it. For that reason--and that reason alone--I gave it less than a stellar star rating. As someone who is, apparently, incredibly immersed in the history and culture of UFOlogy far too much of this book was rehash and citation of earlier books and stories.

I would definitely recommend Mirage Men but only to those who are new to the field. Sep 27, Josh Liller rated it liked it Shelves: ufos. Two British skeptics - one of them involved in crop circle making - take a trip to America and into the history of UFOs. The focal point is several meetings with the enigmatic and controversial Richard "Rick" Doty. The central theme of "Mirage Men" is that the government is lying about UFOs but not the way you think: the government has spent time and effort sowing disinformation for reasons ranging from experiments to Cold War intelligence operations to distracting people from experimental aircra Two British skeptics - one of them involved in crop circle making - take a trip to America and into the history of UFOs.

Lee Speigel, UFO News and Updates

The central theme of "Mirage Men" is that the government is lying about UFOs but not the way you think: the government has spent time and effort sowing disinformation for reasons ranging from experiments to Cold War intelligence operations to distracting people from experimental aircraft. What information is real and what isn't is nearly impossible to decipher and the book doesn't really try to offer any hard answers.

A good alternative look at the world of UFOs. I really enjoyed this book. It presents the intersection of the US military intelligence community and UFO buffs in a way that strikes me as very fresh - it never occurred to me, for example, that inter-service rivalry might account for some UFO events, and mapping a documented AFOSI disinformation campaign to the F program, and then extrapolating that along a timeline, is really informative.

Jan 13, Gabriella Alexandra rated it liked it. Pros: VERY comprehensive history, well-researched, interesting personal experiences. Cons: too long, acted shocked by research when the facts were clear, kept pushing away facts and asking unnecessary questions. Dec 21, Willy Boy rated it it was amazing Shelves: the-window-might-fall-in. UFOs as weapons of deception and psychological warfare.

Alleged covert operations that beggar belief! Visitation by advanced extraterrestrials is but nothing in comparison to the endless duplicity and callousness of man! Is 'reality' little more than a tapestry of fictions, precariously liable to unravel? One of the few truly essential UFO books, and one that should be read by all regardless of viewpoint on the 'phenomenon'. Oct 18, Tommy rated it liked it. I Want To Believe the Government did it. Mar 18, Eric Farr rated it it was amazing. The narrative Mark Pilkington presents is truly troubling and conspiratorial: the U. As crazy as it may sound, Pilkington slowly builds a solid base of evidence in support of his theory, pointing out the U.

It helps that he does not suggest some overarching objective. He instead proposes that the intelligence agencies have simply employed disinformation about UFOs as convenient for a variety of projects, and the lore has been kept alive by the fervent believers in the ufological community. Most importantly, he actually speaks to a few former intelligence operatives who admit to their roles in spreading some of this disinformation. The centerpiece to this narrative is Rick Doty, responsible in part for driving one ufologist insane with a constant barrage of alleged government secrets hinting at a dark and sinister alliance with extraterrestrials.

Doty has since admitted to many of his lies, and he proves to be a bizarre, frustrating, and charming character who continues to spout nonsense all while claiming to believe in a great alien cover-up. Pilkington's narrative is witty, observant, and personalized, proving to be a highly enjoyable read.

His overview of much of ufological lore with the twist of government disinformation is insightful. As someone who recognizes that most UFOs are misidentified aircraft secret and otherwise , stars and planets, comets, other natural phenomena, or the result of some underlying psychological concern but who concedes that there may be a very small subset of sightings worthy of further review, I was prepared to enjoy this book. Its take-down of the more absurd layers of ufology--like the alien abductions and alien-government alliances--is simply fantastic, yet the author nonetheless appears quite fond of ufologists and somewhat embedded within the oddball community.

No matter what your level of familiarity with UFO stories or ufology, this is a charming overview of the lore and the community that has grown up around it, and the central thesis of government disinformation certainly makes quite a good deal of sense by the end. Although I've long been interested in strange goings-on, the whole subject of UFOs has never really piqued my interest - it's all so Then I read this and after about 20 pages could see what all the fuss is about; the difference between this and other such writings on the subject is that this is wonderfully lucid and intersperses the author's own involvement in the world of UFOlogy with a terrific history of the whole history of UFO encounters and the US Govt's role in them or not!

Any subject can be compelling if it's approached with genuine enthusiasm, inquisitiveness and a decent amount of research, and Pilkington has all of these in spades. He's read all those nutty books so you don't have to. You also get a really good idea of why people devote their whole lives to chasing UFOs and the people who may or may not be piloting them.

With all the disinformation and paranoia surrounding it, this whole UFO thing may be complex and downright baffling at times, but Pilkington makes for a charming, enthusiastic and clear-headed guide. Aug 08, Michael Hitchcock rated it it was ok. If I was going to give you a fact-free spoiler-free one paragraph retelling, it would be: "Do aliens exist? I think so. Seems doubtful.

  1. Practical Enterprise Software Development Techniques;
  2. Japan-United States Seminar on Ordinary Differential and Functional Equations.
  3. What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures.
  4. Speaker of Mandarin: An Inspector Wexford Mystery.

Probably not. Holy shit maybe! Definitely not. But maybe yes omg. It was good information, but not such a good book. Very slow to start, with a lot of sc If I was going to give you a fact-free spoiler-free one paragraph retelling, it would be: "Do aliens exist? Very slow to start, with a lot of scene setting, that to me, fell flat.

Could be more exciting to a total neophyte or to an obsessive, but I am just some guy who used to believe and now doesn't care at all, who had the book thrust upon him by a conspiracy head friend.

The book really got interesting, both in its plot and in the information it was presenting, in the last quarter or so, where the disinformation stuff and the people they were interviewing started to cross over one another. I hope everyone who believes in UFO's hard reads this to get a dose of reality, but I hope no truthers and other such fools get their hands on it.

Overall, a decent book, but not at all for me. Jan 17, Ken rated it it was amazing Shelves: library , conspiracy. A must read for anyone interested in UFOlogy. The main thrust of the book is that the government - particularly the CIA, DIA, and Air Force - do not want people looking to the skies, because we sight their classified projects or in some cases, projects of other countries.

Given that people do, they would rather have it that people believe what they are seeing is from another world.

UFO research groups are regularly infiltrated and fed disinformation, and much of what the believers take for cer A must read for anyone interested in UFOlogy. UFO research groups are regularly infiltrated and fed disinformation, and much of what the believers take for certain nowadays such as the existence of MJ was probably fabricated by Air Force Intelligence. The book also presents a fascinating look into the state of military technology over the last 65 years. Yet at the end, we are left with the tantalizing possibility that the reason for the disinformation is so that when disclosure is finally made, the government can say, "See, the truth is not nearly as weird as you think it is.

Aug 26, Dale Stonehouse rated it liked it. Written by British writer for Fortean Times, this was a schizophrenic book, perhaps mirroring its subject matter. At times writing UFOs off as a religion for the weak-minded, to quote Jesse Ventura, at other times he seems to become an experiencer belief is not part of it for all of us. There were a few new tidbits included, but not enough to impress me.

He stays away from most of the good contactee cases, probably because people like the late Elizabeth Klarer of S. Africa and Betty Andreasson Written by British writer for Fortean Times, this was a schizophrenic book, perhaps mirroring its subject matter. Africa and Betty Andreasson cannot be easily refuted. Pilkington denies involvement in the intelligence community, but he gets access to some things I know I could not.

For those new to UFOs this is a nice safe overview that won't shock the senses. Jul 27, George K. Ilsley rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction , sci-fi. Took me a while to get through this and I almost gave up. Any book which discusses the difference between misinformation and disinformation is bound to raise suspicions of its own contents. At times, the text does descend to the level of blatant deceptions ie, "silent helicopters did exist at the time, so the craft could have been nothing more than that" : true, but this is pure speculaation unless there is more evidence.

However, by the end it does become marginally more interesting, although Took me a while to get through this and I almost gave up. However, by the end it does become marginally more interesting, although readers hoping for any sort of clarity will be disappointed. That murkiness is exactly the nature of the beast, and what this book does well is describe the layers of murkiness.

What all the murk adds up to is for you to decide. He knows that both rigour and playfulness demand that the door to the reality-warping Unknown be left ajar, but that limiting the risk of ending up with a tinfoil hat means it should stay on its hinges. Jan 24, Ann rated it it was ok. I was very disappointed, started slow and became a review of other literature with the authors waffling about their own beliefs. If you're looking for answers, don't look here.